How to gain Experience in Minecraft?

This blog post breaks down on the different ways you can earn experience.

Kill Mobs to Earn Experience

You acquire experience points when you kill a mob in Minecraft. At the point when the mob dies, it will vanish and leave loots and small circles. These circles are experience points that will change color and float toward you. The points will naturally be picked up and added to your experience bar.

experience points

You will earn different amounts of experience depending on the mob that you kill. The harder the mob, the more experience you will acquire.

Mine Items to Earn Experience

You additionally procure experience focuses when you mine things, for example, coal, redstone, diamond, lapis lazuli, and nether quartz. At the point when you mine specific items, you will see the dropped items show up as little circles.

experience points

These little circles are the experience points acquired by mining and they will build up your experience bar.